Google Acquires Malware Scanner VirusTotal

Google just acquired one of our favourite antivirus tools, VirusTotal. For those that don't know, VirusTotal isn't a program that runs on your computer; instead, it's a webapp that lets you upload files to check them for viruses before you install them.

You can also scan a URL directly or search the VirusTotal database. So what does the acquisition mean? VirusTotal assures us that it will still operate on its own, but now it has Google's resources behind it — and Google has theirs. We expect this means better virus protection in Google products like Gmail, but no matter what, this means good things for virus hunters all around. Hit the link to read more. [VirusTotal Blog via TheNextWeb]


    Sounds like a win-win deal. To me Google seems quite good at finding things, buying them, and making it's core services better, faster, shinier.

    All they need to do now is hire/buy/steal some decent UI designers.

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