Gojee For iOS And Android Finds Recipes That Excludes Foods You Dislike

iOS/Android: If you have a craving for a particular dish but are unsure if you can make it with the ingredients you have in your kitchen, Gojee's new mobile apps for iPhone and Android can help. You can find recipes based on what you already have on hand as well as specify food items you don't want to use at all.We've discussed Gojee before as a great way to search for recipes based on the items you have in your pantry. Gojee's new mobile apps take the experience to the next level by giving you the option to exclude items you hate, so you don't see recipes that include those items as well as recipes that use the items you have already.

Gojee's beautiful design also comes to smaller screens, with gorgeous food photos forming the backdrop behind recipe ingredients and instructions for cocktails, desserts and other dishes. When you find a recipe you want to make, just save it to your favourites. The app even has an "inspiration" tab that shows you new dishes and drinks you'd like based on the things you've saved before. You'll never go hungry or miss out on quality food porn again.

Gojee [Google Play] Gojee [iTunes App Store]


    Fantastic. I get their emails every week, but this will make it so much easier to find something and cook it up.

    Gojee is awesome. I've been using it for a wile it's an endless source of delicious looking recipes.

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