Going For Mac Manages Your Facebook Events From The Menubar

Mac: Whether you like it or not, Facebook events are an inevitable part of life. If you want to keep track of them more easily, Going provides a simple solution in an app that lives in your menu bar.

Once you've opened the app and logged into Facebook, Going will let you track and respond to events, notify you when events are coming up, and even push them straight to your calendar. If you just want an easier way to manage the events, Going has preferences for such things as notifications that you can turn on or off.

If you're running Lion, notifications will go to Growl. If you're running Mountain Lion, they'll appear in Notification Center. Additionally, you can automatically push accepted events to any of your iCal calendars, which is handy if you use iCal to sync events via another supported calendar service. All in all, the app is very simple, but it provides all the features you need to make Facebook events easy to manage on your desktop.

Going ($0.99) [Mac App Store]


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