Get Your TV Sitting Flat Against The Wall With A Blocking Board

Most wall mounts attach to your wall, causing your flat screen TV to protrude in ways you may not like. Mounts that invade your wall to mount the TV more attractively are a bit more expensive, but Apartment Therapy Tech notes that you can achieve the same thing with a standard mount by simply using a blocking board.

For those DIYers looking to save a few bucks (not that $US100 isn't totally reasonable), you could also achieve the same look by mounting a blocking board in a wall cutout and using a cheaper standard mount. Either way, it's a clean, flush look that's fairly easy and inexpensive to accomplish.

If you want that perfect mount but also want to save some money, this looks like a good approach.

A 0" Wall Mount For Your Flat Screen TV [Apartment Therapy Tech]


    you should mention in your article to check the manufacturers specifications for wall mounting gap. some tv's (particularly plasma) require a minimum distance from the wall to allow airflow to prevent overheating.

      Just what I was thinking...
      Every TV needs decent airflow... not just Plasmas!

    That's a hell of of a thing to do to your wall, so you can get your TV a bit closer. You will just have to repair the gaping great hole sooner or later.

    How would you get at the ports?

    Another pointless thing from the US, they really don't think these things out.

    The Kogan "Ultra Slim Wall Mounts" are by far the best solution I have found for mounting as close to the wall as possible- Great value too!

    Cut a TV sized hole in the wall and mount it so the screen is flush with the wall surface, then plaster in the gap between the edge of the TV and the wall. Mask and paint to finish. When done well, looks incredible. Also, I made the whole thing up.

    "Most wall mounts attach to your wall" - and if you got one that doesn't, then I'd go and ask for my money back!

    I've never used wall mounts, too scared the T.V. might fall off.

    Mine's just a straight wall mount but if I had a bigger, dedicated media room I would be floating wall all way! Knowing the average thickness of internal walls and the average protrusion of wall mounts (lets say one for 32" screens and up that weigh over 10kg that features minor adjustments for rotation and tilt) the techniques above will still leave the TV protruding from the wall as the mount I have described, plus the backing board, plus the thickness of the tv is easily 30cm. Does anyone have internal walls with a full 30cm gap? not me anyway. You can always go for a flat mount with no adjustment options but that is the road to frustration and regret, and will only save you about 10-15cm.

    A floating wall allows for more adjustments and cabling runs. Also in the worst case scenario you can rip off the floating wall and fix up the plaster behind leaving it as you found it.

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