Get Into (And Out Of) Major Events Quickly

The official carparks for big stadium events can be expensive, but what's worse, they can be a nightmare to drive out of. How do you handle getting to and from a major event?

Image: mikecogh The classic strategy is to get up and leave before the event actually finishes to "beat the traffic", and while that can work, if too many people try that, it quickly develops into exactly the kind of traffic jam you're trying to avoid — not to mention the fact that you're robbing yourself of the event finale, whatever it might be.

My own strategy as it relates to Sydney venues — and most notably the stadia built for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games — is to go nowhere near the official parking at all. I've been burnt too many times.

Instead, I drive to Concord West Station (it'd also be perfectly fine to train there for what it's worth) and walk across from there; a pleasant little ten minute walk through parklands with no parking stress at all. Reverse the same when leaving an event, and I've often been able to hear the beeping of angry horns behind me as I've walked.

I'm not au fait enough with stadiums in Australia's other capital cities — what is your plan for beating the traffic without beating yourself up because you missed the last act?


    The train/bus/cab itself is definitely the way to go. But if you're getting the cab, walk past all the traffic jams to the highway and flag one down from there, where the traffic's flowing.

    Old news - the l33ts been doing that since RWC 2003

    Get a motorcycle. When I went to the air show at RAAF Base Pierce, I had walked from the carpark across the whole base to my bike before my dad had even left the car park 10 minutes later.

    lol car parking at major events is sooo 20th century

    Yep, parking about 5-10 minutes walk from the venue normally works for me. Only the lazy get stuck in traffic.

    Other option I often employ is to stay behind a have a beer or two while the crowd disperses.

    It helps to know the area and plan your parking and escape route to avoid bottleneck points. It's definitely worth walking 5-10 minutes to avoid 30 minutes waiting in traffic.

    If you can't get out, get comfortable, even if it means waiting a bit longer. I would rather read, watch a TV show on my phone or play cards with friends for 45 minutes than spend 30 minutes sitting in a traffic jam.

    Years ago, I went to a (brilliant) Genesis concert at Boondall Enterntainment Centre in Brisbane.
    To avoid the traffic, we decided to delay leaving and go to the bar instead.
    I went to buy drinks and the guy seated on a bar stool next to me turned around and me asked me who won the football game, the score etc. It was Phil Collins.

    Ride my bicycle and use the bike valet parking.

    seriously? This article could be translated to. When going to a busy event with limited parking take public transport? Umm obvious ?

    Bike in the boot.

    Motorbike is without a doubt the best method of transport for these things, No waiting at all for anything if you do it on a dually or dirt bike.

    Park your motorcycle 10m from the front door.

    Public transport whereever possible. Especially the bus to AAMI stadium (Adelaide) for a football match where there's a bus lane so when you leave the game the bus whizzes past all the cars in the traffic. Also, it's free.

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