Get Email Notifications When Someone Logs Into Your Windows PC

Ever wonder if someone's using your computer when you're away from it? If so, How-To Geek shows off a simple method to use Windows Task Scheduler to send out an email every time someone logs on.

The process is pretty easy and the only third-party software you need is the command line email tool, SendEmail. You need to create a new task in Task Scheduler and set up a trigger so that you receive an email every time anyone logs onto your computer. If you're worried about who's snooping on your computer when you're away, you can find the full guide over on How-To Geek. Once you learn someone is logging in, it's easy to figure out who it might be.

How to Get Email Notifications Whenever Someone Logs Into Your Computer [How-To Geek]


    but how do i do it an my mac? and id like to see what they look up on it aswell

    Great idea. But can someone tell me how to determine if someone is connecting to my wifi router?


      Go into your wifi control panel, regularly check the 'attached devices' section if you have one... :) I'm using NetGear by the way...

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