Foxtel Is Improving Its Fast-Tracking Of TV

Foxtel Express promises a number of new US shows just days after their US shows. Is the tide turning for Australian TV?

TV Tonight reports that Foxtel is getting serious about ensuring that people still pay for its services rather than torrenting popular shows, with a strategy it's simply labelling "Express from the US". That's already seen Sons Of Anarchy airing two hours after its US launch, along with promises that shows such as Dexter will air three days after US airing, The Walking Dead 33 hours after the US and American Idol 12 hours later than in the States. The basic plan should see new US shows appearing on Foxtel within at least seven days of American screening.

There's an obvious point of comparison here with the ABC's recent (and excellent) decision to air Doctor Who on a single-hour delay from the UK via iView; given that Foxtel is pay-tv rather than free-to-air it'd be even nicer to see a similar kind of treatment for its shows, and it's a long way ahead of the other free-to-air broadcasters in any case.

Foxtel “Express” steps up fast-tracking [TV Tonight]


    Maybe they should work on making it so I can order the channels that I want instead of bundles of channels that has a few that I want and then loads of garbage that I will never watch.

    That and reducing the cost and maybe I would consider Foxtel as an alternative to downloading tv shows

      But then they wouldn't make enough money to purchase the rights to tvhows/sports.

        yeah because all the advertising they have on there wouldnt contribute a lot to that, they have as much, if not more ads that free to air

    Channels Seven, Nine and Ten have all announced plans to fast-track US shows too.
    It's been done before and sort of faded in to nothing after a while but hopefully this sticks for a bit. It would be nice if ABC could make iView higher quality, then I'd stop downloading Doctor Who completely.

      And when they bother broadcasting at 1080x1920 at a decent bitrate, they will actually be watchable! Otherwise, everyone will continue to download them.

    When they ditch Austar's current boxes and replace them with the better Foxtel ones I might consider going back. Until then NZB rules!!

    It's a silly time they have Sons of Anarchy airing today 3pm or something like uh, okay then fair enough..

    But it's nice to see this happening, even though it should've been happening from the get go years ago for pay TV..

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