Foxbrowser For iPad Is Free, Open-Source And Supports Firefox Sync

iPad: If you use Firefox on the desktop and use Firefox Sync to keep your tabs, bookmarks and history in order across devices, Foxbrowser is an iPad browser designed with you in mind. Not only does it support Firefox Sync, it's free, open source and pretty fast.

There's no shortage of great iOS web browsers, but since Mozilla has abandoned Firefox Home, there aren't many that support Firefox Sync. Foxbrowser is a free, open-source project that now works better than Firefox Home, which is where Foxbrowser started. You can see your open tabs on other devices, securely import them to your device, and new tabs open with a speed dial display of your most-visited sites.

If Firefox is your preferred desktop browser, and you wish you could get Chrome-like syncing on your iPad, Foxbrowser is one to try. It's free and available in the iTunes App Store.



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