Facebook Now Lets You View And Manage All Your Past Searches

Facebook's Activity Log, which tracks everything you do on the social networking site, just became even more comprehensive. Facebook has added the ability to see all the searches you have ever made on Facebook, providing an insight that is simultaneously weird, enlightening and very disturbing.

Picture by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The feature is being rolled out gradually, so it may take a few weeks to see it (no sign of it on my account yet). As well as checking out searches you have made in the past, you can also delete them, which might be one way to make the ads which appear on your Facebook page less ridiculous (though search is only one of the drivers for Facebook advertising).

Facebook's announcement post emphasises that the Activity Log isn't visible to any other Facebook user. Consider it another reminder that Facebook logs a lot of data about you, and your control over that data varies.



    I think Facebook's next feature should be educating people not to give out their Facebook password or make it too easy. Had two teenagers come to see me last week to get a broken computer fixed and while they were waiting one asked the other for her Facebook password, which she happily gave out.

    Might also pay to tell other people that email addresses are free and that they don't have to share accounts with stupid names like "JennyNSteve Bloggs".

    So Facebook has been tracking every single search in the past 5 years etc? That's disturbing

    Wait... so it's already been tracking searches without telling us?

    Fuck you Facebook.

    I f you're not paying for it, you're the product being sold.

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