Everything You Need To Know About iOS 6 In Under Three Minutes

iOS 6 offers a lot of new features. We'll show you everything you need to know in under three minutes.

Watch the video above for the overview. The quick details are below.

Turn-By-Turn Navigation

The top feature for many people is Maps, because it now offers turn-by-turn navigation guided by Siri. Annoyingly, this isn't an option at launch in Australia.

As you'd expect from Apple, the maps are attractive and easy to read. Directions are really large so you can see them easily if you need to quickly glance in the car. The downside is that Maps only offers driving directions; public transit and walking directions no longer exist. You also need an iPhone 4S, 3rd generation iPad, or newer device to use it. Older models use the new app but offer no voice-guided directions. Another cool feature of Maps is Flyover, which lets you explore a map in 3D. It's pretty cool.


Passbook is a new app that keeps track of all your passes and tickets, such as movie tickets and flights. It can even store digital gift and discount cards. As with any new release, partners are limited (and details on Australian partnerships are thin on the ground right now — this is likely to be a US-first feature).

Phone Updates

The phone improvements are less flashy, but also welcome. You can now reply to a call with a text message or immediately set a reminder to call the person back when you're available next. Those reminders can be based on your location. iOS 6 provides a Do Not Disturb mode, too, so you can set quiet hours when you don't want to get calls. If you want calls from certain people to go through during these hours, you can set them as emergency contacts and Do Not Disturb will allow them in.

VIP Mail

The Mail app has a nice new feature called VIP, which lets you prioritise mails from individual accounts. You can select which contacts are set as VIPs and their emails will appear in a special inbox.

A Smarter Siri

Siri gets smarter in iOS 6. She now knows about sports, can make OpenTable reservations, pull up a movie trailer, and works in a variety of new languages. Additionally, Siri works on the iPad with iOS 6.

Facetime Over Mobile Networks

Want to make FaceTime calls over mobile networks? You can in iOS 6 — but there's a catch. Apple allows the option, but carriers have the option of charging for the privilege. No word at this stage on whether that will happen in Australia, though we've often avoid extra charges that are common in the US (such as tethering).


Photos get a minor upgrade in iOS 6. You can now upload photos to web sites via mobile Safari, and you can share your photo stream with others.

Facebook Integration

iOS 6 integrates Facebook system-wide. Sign in once on your iDevice, then share whatever you want at will.

Better Privacy Settings

Apple has beefed up its privacy settings, allowing you to see what apps are using what kinds of data at any time. If an app is accessing something you don't want it to, you can revoke those permissions in Settings.

Panorama Photos

On the iPhone 5, the camera app now has a sweeping panorama mode. Basically, you just sweep your phone from left to right and it'll assemble a giant panorama for you.


    Seems okay, but they can keep the Facebook integration! yuck

      Agreed, FB integration is an anti-feature for me.

      Agreed. FB is becoming far too integrated into everything... *dislike*

    Probably worth mentioning that turn by turn won't be available here at this stage.

    I'm a Android user so I'm bias but they finally changed the shell of the phone, 140g to 11g is a good move, won't feel as bulky either. Looks good and seems to match up with the S3 quite well.

      And why is that? There's nearly a hundred countries where it's available, even Albania and Botswania get it. Just about the whole world gets it except us. It doesnt make sense.

      Is this a licensing issue? It's strange that it only affects Australia. And what about 3D flyover, they demo'd Sydney , but it looks like it might be turned off here.

        This was supposed to be a reply to Matt about turn by turn navigation

          This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

          Just in case it gets lost.... Turn by Turn works in Sydney without a problem....

            No, it doesn't. Quit your trolling. You're probably referring to directions...

    Will there be offline Maps with Siri announcing the street names?
    Passbook is pretty cool, a reflection that people are using e-tickets and phone-based loyalty cards more and more.
    Mobile video calls - welcome to 2005!
    Free offline turn-by-turn navigation with spoken street names - welcome to 2009!
    FB integration and panorama photos - welcome to 2010!

    Good to see Apple's OS finally catching up to the competition and adding a couple of cool features.

    Stupid question. Will I still be able to download the google maps app separately? I love the public transport function

      Unknown at this stage, because Apple would have to approve it and they're historically cagey about apps duplicating their native apps. Plus Apple really doesn't like Google right now.

        Im guessing google will release a native-code google maps shortly. They just did that with Youtube now gone from iOS 6 iirc - but available for free on the iTunes store....and it actually works a lot better.

          Agreed - my main sticking point is I'm used to google maps, and I've been concerned about the apple maps since the early iOS6 dev screenshots were released. But the youtube app getting through this week was encouraging - however it doesn't directly compete with an existing apple app on the phone (except for itself). Maps may be treated differently, but really crossing my fingers that there will be one.

    Related to Noobie's question: is there going to be a way of saving and reinstalling the older Maps app so as to keep the features I use as a pedestrian?

    Panoramic will be avaiable on the 4s too. its posted on the apple website

    So the brand new version of iOS is basically just a set of functions that could have been done with Apps or minor hotfixes?

    I wasn't aware that public transport and walking options have been removed. Massive downgrade, I rely on this when visiting the big cities. Will NOT be upgrading until they fix this (or they allow Google Maps to be downloaded separately, which is doubtful).

      Why not just use safari use the web version of google maps?

    For those who say Apple invented everything:

    Apple maps - Google Maps
    Reply by message - Was on Samsung Galaxy S (2010!)
    Panorama - Was on Samsung Galaxy S
    Passbook - Google Wallet
    and of course Siri - Google had S Voice on the Galaxy S (pre-4s)

    and other things the clip already admitted taken from another program...

      Yeah all this has been available on Android for ages.

      nothing new, nothing innovative.

      S Voice debuted with the GS3 which came out after the 4S I believe but I'm not sure.

        He's talking about the Vlingo app that's now called S voice on the sgs3

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