Evernote's Skitch Brings Image Annotation, Notes And Maps To iPhone

iPhone: Evernote has released an update to Skitch — its popular image-annotation tool — that includes new designs for the Mac and iPad versions. There is a brand new iPhone version that has also been released.

While the iPad and Mac versions get a visual overhaul, the iPhone version is brand new. Both the iPad and iPhone version have the same image-annotation features that let you draw arrows on just about everything. The apps also add new features, including pixelation of images and a highlighter. Skitch can also detect words in any image, so you can include images in your text search results, and it's fully integrated into Evernote. Check out the Evernote blog for a peek at all the new features.

Skitch 2.0 (free) [iTunes App Store via Evernote Blog]


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