Do You Change Phones The Moment That Your Contract Expires?

A recent survey suggests that 60 per cent of Australians hope to keep using their phone even when their 24-month contract is up. Where do you stand on the issue?

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The survey of 1257 Australians was commissioned by mobile provider Live Connected (an option several Lifehacker readers recommended the last time we looked at BYO mobile plans). The topic is very much in the air at the moment, with the imminent release of the iPhone 5, plenty of attractive Android options already available and the looming promise of Windows Phone 8 devices. So we're wondering:

Feel free to expand on your reasoning in the comments.


    I was an avid contract guy for years but never liked being tied down, only did it for the phone. On contract I've also bought phones outright to upgrade (I get bored quickly), selling the one i got with the contract to offset the cost.

    Once my Vodafone contract expired last month, I switched to Live Connected. If you look at a comparison with a 24 month $49 cap, on their $11.99/month plan, that leaves you with $888 to spend on a handset of your choice ($49-$12x24).

    I was looking at getting either a Galaxy Nexus, One X or SIII but the reality is my iPhone 4 still does everything I need it to do. That extra money can go elsewhere for now.

    If I could get anything like the deal I got when I switched to Telstra when the iPhone4 first came out, I'd jump straight onto a new contract to get the iPhone5.
    But it looks like I was lucky enough to get in during that brief window about 2 years ago when Telstra were aggressively buying back customers with contracts cheaper than the others.

    Since the iPhone 5 isnt worth the upgrade, ill likely just jailbreak my now out of contract iPhone4 and stick with that on a prepaid plan, save up the extra cash and get a 5S next year (but that probably wont be worth the upgrade either) or SGS4 (as long as it doesnt get any wider, the SGS3 is wide enough, although who knows at the rate Samsung are going there might be a SGS6 this time next year) or see how the windows phone 8 goes with app availability.

    Why pay the same amount of money when every 2 or so years, you can get a free phone out of it.

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