DIY Shed Looks Good For Less Money

If you need a shed to store your lawn mower and gardening tools, here's a way to build one that looks good without spending a lot of money. This shed uses shipping pallets to form a skeleton of a shed that you can cover with plywood and a galvanised metal roof.

Amateur history enthusiast Butch Bridges shares the design and step-by-step photos of the 3m x 3m shed he made for a few hundred dollars over the course of a few weekends. He put together the wall frame by bolting two levels of square pallets together and adding a roof frame made from timber. The roof itself is a piece of carport galvanised sheet metal roofing material, and the exterior sides are built with sheets of plywood.

It is perhaps not the most attractive shed, but it has utilitarian appeal that wouldn't look out of place in most backyards. Bridges also shows us how he used wooden pallets to create a smaller attached shed, a chicken coop and shelving. Hit the link below to check out the details.

My Wood Pallet Shed Project []


    Note on building permits - if the total area of the shed exceeds 10m2 you will need a permit in some states. It goes without saying that this construction method will make obtaining a permit difficult.

    [Disclosure I am the founder of Sheds4Less linked in Lachlan's post]
    You will find that to be an exempt or complying development and thus not have to apply for a DA or building permit, the shed you are building needs to be a "kit" shed from a manufacturer. If you are building from scratch it would be prudent to at least check with your local council. Generally local councils are trying to reduce red tape around low impact DA's so as long as the build is reasonable you should get a fair hearing.

    Pallets are owned by Chep in Australia I think. So may get you in trouble.

    Rocket55au - only the ones that are painted blue with CHEP written on the side, they're no the only manufacturer in the country you know...

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