DIY Magnetic Tool Holder Keeps Your Workbench Clean And Organised

If you tend to misplace your spanners and screwdrivers, this magnetic rack by Instructables user DoDo729 might be up your alley. Best of all, it doesn't take much effort to make.

You may not need a lot of time, but you will need some L-brackets, rare earth magnets, plywood, wood screws,and a pretty decent clamp — nothing you can't get from your local hardware store. The design can be easily modified to hang upright over a workbench, so you can just reach up and grab the tool you need. Use the clamp to open the L-brackets so that your tools sit inside neatly, and then screw them into the plywood. Attach the magnets and there you have the perfect holder for any metal tools.

We're simplifying the process a bit, so make sure to check out the Instructables post below for a full step-by-step guide. While DoDo729 uses his rack to keep one of the drawers in his toolbox organised, we think it could be just as useful anywhere around your workbench.

Magnetic Wrench Holder [Instructables]


    Or just go to Ikea and buy a few magnetic knife holder strips for about $10 each and mount them in your work shed. I have about 6 of these that hold all my screwdrivers and wrenches. Simple and easy.

      agreed magnetic knife racks are the go. and they look neater than the red board of tools

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