Dealhacker: Kogan's Already Selling The iPhone 5 For $100 Less Than Apple

If you are keen on an iPhone 5, Kogan's got them on "sale" for $100 less than Apple's RRP — although the smart money suggests you'd see a shipped unit from Apple first.

It's a question of patience in one sense; Apple's warranties are worldwide so you should have little trouble getting an imported iPhone 5 from Kogan serviced if something did go wrong, but then they're said to be "shipping" from Kogan "from the 21st". The phones that Kogan sells ships from overseas — technically they're supplied by "Kogan HK Limited" and so it could be a little while before it's actually in your hands. [Kogan]


    Non australian warranty also (so dodgy they don't specify this)

    Any issues you have to go through kogan, Definitely not worth the 80 dollar saving.

      The link provided to Kogan's website specifically states "12 month Australian warranty!"

      Apple products have worldwide warranty, this is absolute fact across their range (Macs, iPod, etc). It even says so in the second paragraph. They go by serial number, not by anything else.

    And compatible with our limited LTE coverage I trust?

    Did you not read the first line of the second paragraph???

      Fei/ Robert/ Brian

      Hi Christopher,

      Thank you for contacting Kogan. The Iphone 5 is sold with a Kogan Australia warranty.
      If the item requires a service through warranty please contact our support team. They
      will have the item picked up, repaired and resent to you. Please contact us if you require
      further assistance.

      Kindest Regards,

      Taken from an email

      I actually should have written "Non Apple Warranty" - sorry

      Its a case of having to ship it to kogan to get it replaced/ fixed :( not being able to walk into an apple store and replace,

      Not all products have a worldwide warranty from apple, The 4s was the first iphone to not.

    actually I confirmed on phone today the phone must be sent back to Kogan
    that qualifies as 'australian warranty'
    if it was apple australian warranty then Kogan would be unwise not to advertise that fact

    The real question is why they are that much cheaper overseas than here?
    Kogans just exploiting an opportunity to make some dough created by Australia's high price wall.

    Just another one to add to the Productivity Commission's review.

      10% of the price of the Australian iPhone is GST. That makes an actual price difference between Kogan's GST free offering of the 64GB model and the Australian Apple store of less than $10, or about 1% of the price.

      You need better quality control on your poorly manufactured outrage.

        Thanks for your uncritical commentary critter.

        If youve read the terms of reference for the Commissions review, it has nothing to do with GST. They are looking at the price differentials for near identical products, sold in comparable markets with significant (non-tax/duty related) price differences.

        And please check your facts before you post. Kogan is still an Australian operator and is required by law to charge GST. Facepalm.

          Not sure how Kogan operate, but doubt they'll have to pay GST if the product is shipped from HK. Look at Harvey Norman's Ireland game store - no GST. Creative Australia - you don't pay GTS. Products shipped from HK. Many other examples.

            I've bought from Kogan. You get an invoice issued by their HK operation. There is no GST in the price and you do not get a tax credit. If you're a business, that means that means paying $800 to Kogan is the same as paying $880 to an Australian supplier and the saving is pretty marginal. If you're a consumer, and can't use the tax credit, then the saving is real.

              With or without GST, Kogan can still afford to sell for $100 less that the RRP price in Australia. He wouldn't do this unless there was a profit margin. So the real difference is over $100 - which is even crazier considering the $AUD is one of the strongest currencies in the region at the moment.

    Actually I'm not too sure about that, I bought an S3 from Kogan an it only took 3 days to arrive from the “Kogan HK Limited” place. I don't know if I was just major lucky, or if I just bought it right when they had a shipping coming down or if its because I'm in Adelaide but I will still say I was surprised.
    I can't comment on their warranty though.

    In any case, provided there is a legitimate issue aside from a broken screen, Apple is normally more than happy to provide a refurb replacement.

    Worth noting that the iphone 5 takes a nano sim and not a micro sim like its predeseccors. Seems Apple kept somewhat quiet about this change.

    The G.S.T doesnt matter its all about the exchange rate and cross selling of other products. Kogan would also have cheap freight costs because of the large amount of stuff that they are already shipping to and from Hong Kong.

    Kogans prices have suddenly changed - now only $50 cheaper than Apple excluding delivery charges. So not worth the hassle buying from Kogan anymore!

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