Conjure Is A Super-Fast Android App Launcher

Android: Want a speedy app launching? Conjure makes launching apps, accessing settings and even placing phone calls as easy as typing the first few letters of the application, option or contact you want.

Once you start using Conjure, you'll get a feel for how fast it is. It adopts a similar approach to app launchers such as Launchy and Alfred; you start to type and relevant options are presented. The video above shows off some of Conjure's features, but it's hard to explain how fast the app is, and how quickly it learns your commonly opened applications and settings.

If your device has a search button, long-pressing it will bring up Conjure. It's $1.90 at Google Play, and for your money you get a great application launcher that can save you real time if you hate swiping through your app drawer or home screens to find something.

Conjure - The Android Launcher


    If anyone has experience with iOS and Android... would this be the same sorta thing as swipe-right-home-screen on iPhone... where it brings up the search box and you can launch apps, or contacts, or other stuff ? I find that to be most efficient way of doing stuff on iPhone.

    About to change to SG3 so would be great to have that feature also on Android.

    @tim android is customisable no matter which launcher you're using, this is an alternative to the program that controls your home screen but the stock program has a similar page with Google search already on it. You can edit any Page to have search bars and various other widgets. hope that makes sense

    Cool.. thanks reece.. I'm coming from 5+ years of iPhone and being told what to do ;)

    Theres no keyboard on the phone in the picture!! :o

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