Clear Your Sinuses In 20 Seconds With Your Tongue And Your Thumb

Blocked sinuses are no fun, especially when the problem frequently requires taking a pill. Redditor gymfork points to a clever acupressure method that can solve the problem in just 20 seconds:

Push your tongue against the top of your mouth and place a finger between your eyebrows and apply pressure. Hold it for about 20 seconds and your sinuses will begin to drain.

When you push your tongue against the roof of your mouth, don't aim for a specific point but rather push it flat against the top. When you let go, you should start to feel a little movement in the back of your throat. It's a very simple trick that gets the job done.

LPT: How to clear a blocked nose [Reddit]

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    Always came across the version that switches pressure back and forth before. It never did anything for me.

    Tried this and it worked beautifully.

    Thank you for giving me this freedom to breath again.

    I have pneumonia and I have been struggling to sleep for HOURS. Mucus kept moving forward and blocking the back of my nasal cavity so I couldn't breathe well. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't hack or blow it out. It was stuck. In a fit of rage, I googled this problem and this site came up. I tried it aprehensively and IT WORKED. Biggest, scariest, solid block of bloody Mucus (sorry) came out and I CAN BREATHE. Goodnight❤

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