Check Gizmodo's iPhone 5 Liveblog

Apple has an announcement at 3am September 13, and if it isn't about the next iPhone (which may well not be called the iPhone 5), huge swathes of media will be disappointed. If you want the news as it happens, Luke at Gizmodo will be live-blogging the event. If you're sleeping in, we'll have all the key facts on Australian availability here on Lifehacker once they emerge. [Gizmodo]


    Will this be 7am New Zealand time?

    it has to be the iphone 5 if the image you have above is from apple!! the shadow is clearly the shape of a 5!!

      I've seen this image dozens of times and not seen that 5...
      Kudos, sir.

    It will be called The new iPhone in iOS 6.
    The invitation is a gimmick to make everyone thought it is "5"!

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