Chameleon Launcher Provides A Window Into Your Life On Your Android Tablet

Chameleon Launcher Provides A Window Into Your Life On Your Android Tablet

Android tablets: The much-hyped Chameleon Launcher is now available for Android tablets. It brings a truly useful, beautiful launcher and home screen that you won’t find on any other launcher.

A tablet is good for a lot of things, but one of the most useful and relevant tasks is a heads-up display. When you turn your tablet on, it’s wonderful to be greeted with emails, news, weather and other important information. While you can find plenty of widgets to provide this information, Chameleon Launcher organises your home screen in a more effective way. Add only the information you want and give it as much prominence as you want. Thanks to a large dock at the bottom of the screen, you can still fit plenty of apps.

The approach is very practical, and the user interface is beautiful, but the primary drawback to Chameleon is its price. At $10, it may be hard for many users to justify. It is, after all, just a user interface upgrade, even if it’s a really good one.

Chameleon Launcher ($10) [Google Play via Droid Life]


  • Won’t this just take precious system resources from your device just for the sake of a different home page? I’m certainly no expert on Android although I do have an Android tablet with ICS on it and with that ridiculous price I don’t really see the point?

  • I backed this project on kickstarter and have had it installed for sometime now on my HP touchpad running CM9. The concept is really good, but the application is really memory hungry, and the widgets often drop out.
    Overall, I give the experience a 7/10.

  • I joined the Kickstarter project at the start.
    This project is one of the best launcher on the market, you can set which screens are displayed, based on time/location. Now that 3rd parties can create widgets for this, i expect this will only get better. Widget for XBMC and hounddog and I’m set

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