Camera+ Brings Better iPad Photography

iPad: Camera+, our favorite camera app for the iPhone, is now available on the iPad. The tablet version includes all its advanced photo taking and editing features, plus the ability to sync your Lightbox with other devices running Camera+.

The iPad's default camera app is pretty good, but Camera+ is the best alternative around. Apart from a fantastic iPad-sized interface, Camera+ brings advanced adjustments, brush-on effects, new filters and other "professional" features to the camera on your iPad.

It also adds iCloud syncing, so as soon as you take a photo with Camera+ on one device, it shows up in the lightbox on your other iOS devices too. Best of all, Camera+ is on sale for the special launch price of $0.99, so grab it now while it's cheap.

Camera+ for iPad [iTunes App Store via Tap Tap Tap Blog]


    There is no app in the world that could stop you from looking like an idiot when taking pictures with an iPad


        Oh, aren't you the cute ones? You kind of miss the point about the value of this app--it's in the cloud synch. You take the photo with your iPhone and it just appears on the iPad version of the app's lightbox for editing. Yeah, there are lots of other ways to get the photos from the phone to the pad, but this just works--the others are kind of clunky.

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