Build A Passive 3D Projection System

Want to enjoy movies and gaming in 3D but don't want to spend a fortune on a big-screen 3D TV? You can rig up two projectors with filters and screen material for a (relatively) budget alternative.

User Jahun on the 3D advocacy forum Meant to Be Seen 3- shares his setup where PC game and movie visual data is sent to identical projectors outfitted with polarisation filters and projecting onto a screen made from silver screen material. He also added ducting to move the heat from the projector exhaust to the HVAC air refresher system to keep the heat down in his attic theatre setup.

You'll still need to spring for two projectors, but if you already have one for a home theatre system this could be a good alternative. More information can be found at the source link below.

Passive Projection, How To| MTBS3D via Hack-a-Day]


    surely aligning these to the exact right position, zoom and focus would be a nightmare!

      True, but in the tutorial he says that his projectors have a feature called "lens shift" which apparently allows you to move the projected image without having to move the projector itself!

        similar to keystone i assume. it would be handy, but it would need very fine adjustments, especially if the screen is a fair distance from the projector..

      because there's a projector per eye it wouldn't be overly noticable if they were out a small amount, 3d images are supposed to be different, that's how it works.

    I wonder if you have the same issue with colour being different per projector.

    I bought a pair Samsung monitor from the same shop a week apart, and the colour was so different no matter how much I adjusted them I couldn't ever get them the same, I ended up selling them (and loosing money) to buy a pair of Dell Ultrasharps.

    I'm more interested in the ducting.
    Is it sucking air, thereby allowing the projector fans to run a low speed (or not at all)?

      Ha , thats why I even clicked on the article. To see more about that ducting system.

    Just get a 3D-ready DLP projector, a Volfoni SmartCrystal Pro polarizer, and a small silver screen from a company like Severtson.

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