Build A Better Mouse With A Titanium Ring

The scroll wheel is often one of the first parts to wear out on a computer mouse. If you're keen to give an ageing mouse a new lease of life, you can replace the original rubber wheel with titanium (or another long-lasting metal).

The BASE Jewellery blog shares this mod for a cordless Logitech mouse, replacing the existing scroll wheel with a titanium ring offcut. It's not necessarily something you could easily duplicate at home, but if you know a friendly jeweller or have access to a hacker space, it's definitely possible, and a neat way to eliminate the planned obsolescence of most peripherals.

Titanium ring mouse wheel [BASE Jewellery]


    I gotta be honest, the intersection of the venn diagram of "people I've ever met who when their mouse wheel gives up are too tight with money to buy a new crumb-and-gunk-free mouse" and "people I know who have material, time, tools, inclination and determination to custom-fit a titanium ring into an old mouse" is remarkably small.

      I see where you're coming from. but when some people spend upwards of $150 for a mouse, Its not a bad idea to have a cheap fix available

      +1 Heh.. I've had two mice (mouses?) in the last five or ten years, the Logitech 'G5' and the 'G500' never even came close to wearing out the wheel..! :)

    be nice if it was just the design standard instead. as stated in the source "It doesn't react with sweat, oil or oxygen" and is only "1mm in thickness" around the existing mouse wheel. unlike the existing wheel designs that corrode from the human touch.
    Apparently he made it from off cuts of titanium rings, don't see why the logitech or someone couldn't buy those offcuts to use in the design.... reuse / recycle!!

      Where are you going to find off-cut scraps in the quantity required, and of consistent enough quality to use in automated production of the scale we see from companies like Logitech?

    Never worn a scroll wheel out? had some pretty dodgy ones though, that skip and/or feel atrocious.

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