Blurity Fixes Blurry Photos And Makes Them Worth Sharing With Others

Windows/Mac: If too many of your photos suffer from shakycam, you don't have to learn to breathe like a sniper. Blurity is an image-correction utility for Windows and Mac that removes the blur and makes your photos at least resemble the object you were photographing.

Blurity isn't going to perform miracles here — the app does a great job at removing motion blur, but it's not perfect. You'll definitely be able to make out the focus of the object. You can put the app on autopilot and let it do its job in a few clicks, or you can manually control the settings and control the outcome on your own. If you're not satisfied with the app's basic settings, you can keep tweaking until you're happy with the result.

The team behind Burity just launched the Mac version of its app, but the Windows version has been around for a while. You can try before you buy, but to remove the "unregistered" watermark the app puts in your unblurred photos, you'll have to pony up the $US49 (currently on sale for $US39) for a full licence.

Blurity [via The Next Web]


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