Beautify Your Bookcases With Custom Colour-Changing Lights

This IKEA bookcase performs a neat trick: it glows with 10 different colour sets and six animation modes that you can change with the tap of your foot.

The secret sauce behind the "ExpeditInvaders" is an Arduino board.'s michu installed the two strands of LED modules on his shelves, connected the LED modules to the board, and hot-glued an old PS2 keyboard to the bottom of the bookcase for a light show you can control with your feet.

The custom lighting and animation means you can really set the mood for a room. (Dance party!)

Hit the link below for full instructions and the source code.

ExpeditInvaders — The Spiced Up IKEA Shelf [ via IkeaHackers]


    Looks nice, but my bookshelves are full of books.....

    That would be so annoying.

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