Apple's User Guide Shows You Everything You Need To Know About iOS 6

iOS: Want to become more familiar with Apple's new iOS 6 or the iPhone? Apple has recently published a 153-page manual that can teach you the ins and outs of both. The guidebook is available for free on iTunes.

iOS 6 comes with over 200 new features for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. While we've highlighted the best new features in iOS 6 and even 10 secret ones, this ebook is a useful manual to virtually thumb through when you have some down time.

The user guide is well organised and allows you to search through the book, bookmark pages and quickly jump to different sections.

iPad and iPod touch versions of the ebook are likely coming as well, if the ebooks for iOS 5 are any indication. Although this guide is geared towards the iPhone, there's lots of iOS 6 information for other iDevices.

iPhone User Guide for iOS 6 [iTunes via CNET]


    An article featuring an iOS User Guide...brought to you by Microsoft.

    IT baffles me why Apple never promotes this stuff. Much of it is really excellent useful material. Instead what happens is 90% of the people never know about 90% of the new features . Instead left to discover things by accident over then next months of using the device.

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