Android ANZ goMoney App Arrives

Android: The last time we discussed mobile banking apps, lots of Lifehacker readers praised ANZ's goMoney app. That app is now available on Android as well as iOS, providing a convenient way to access your accounts on the go.

Like its iOS sibling, the app lets you view your accounts, make payments and transfer funding to others. The interface does appear to closely mimic the original, with the main visible difference being that navigation tabs are at the top of the screen for Android rather than at the bottom. It uses a four-digit pin for easier access (you register the app and receive a confirmation SMS on first use).

If you're an ANZ customer and give the app a try, tell us how it goes in the comments. Thanks Adam for the tip!

ANZ Go Money [Google Play]


    Yeah I have been waiting for this one quite a long time and I love it !!
    It does everything that I want and is very quick/easy to access. Great job ANZ (a bit late though ..!)

    Just got the after after a headsup sms from ANZ.

    The UI is great and provides much more information that the mobile website. Well worth the wait.

    Ha, FINALLY.

    The number of 1-star reviews on the previous android "App" (Really just a link to their mobile site) was frankly embarrassing for ANZ.


    just finished using the iOS version to pay a fine and transfer money for a new laptop bag. SUCH a good app, great to see that Android users can now experience the best banking app on the market.

    I can't believe how long it took ANZ to finally do this. I was waiting for ages for the Android version before I jumped ship when the iPhone 4S came out. The iOS app is absolutely great so I hope the Android version is just as good and worth the wait.

    What are the security implications? Only a 4 digit pin. Is that sufficient?

      4 Digits, just like everyones keycard, and that seems to be ok

    It is about time this was available. Not sure why it took them so long to develop it really - had a long chat to a rep a few months back about it and they had no idea of the market share that Android has in Australia. Maybe they finally cottoned on that we don't all run around with iOS devices praising the almighty pome.

    It would be nice to have an in built atm finder link though, the map on their website is almost unusable from a mobile handset. Google maps works, but is not comprehensive nor particularly accurate.

      Not sure who you were chatting to, but I can assure you it had nothing to do with an ignorance of market share.

      Having had experience in this area I can tell you that even the simplest technology work in a bank takes a tonne of effort, time and money due to the way the organisations function.

    FINALLY... My iPhone no longer has a purpose for me anymore

      And just to confirm this WORKS on rooted phones!

        Agreed :) I can now convert to the Galaxy S3 with gusto!!!!

    The unresponsive built-in app keyboard made me lock myself out of my account.. Not a good start. Was also hoping for some secret unannounced NFC payment system but that didn't happen either :(

    Where is the Windows App??

      I agree! Have used the Apple and Android version of this App and it's great, but here is ONE MORE TO GO! Like many people, I'm very interested in the new Windows Phone 8 devices and believe they will be the next big thing. Come on ANZ... two down, one to go!!

    OH EM GEE, took them long enough! I have been waiting for this.

    Just Downloaded it, only to find I can't complete Registration (specifically, entering my mobile number to register the device) because the numeric keyboard that's built in has no 'enter' key. Samsung 15503T, using Android "Froyo." (2.2)

    Wonder if anyone else is having a similar issue.

      Hey man, had the same problem on my wildfire. I just tapped violently at my phone number until it worked ;)

    I had a problem using it. I was a Trademe Seller. I had not heard of this Go Money System. A woman was organized to pick up a trade. She made a time for me to collect.
    I then received a text msg from ANZ Collect. I checked it out on line (annoyed as I thought this day it would be cash on pick up and as she had told me she was coming to pick up on her day off, and new she must have a tralier of something I did not agrue) I went on line and checked it out and saw it was real. Assuming it was like Eftos, or Direct Transfer.
    Then the woman text me a 4 diget code to use. It all seemed ok but then put in my bank details.
    The money never went in. The woman was told by the bank they are not responsible for anything after it happened (as the $55 had gone out of the woman's account AND they were not responsible for anything after the date and if no funds available). I was yoo yooed back and forth between the ANZ to my bank the BNZ. Both telling me the other bank is responsible. Finally I made complaints to both banks. I was eventually told that the money had gone into a live bank account, not mine and nothing could be done. The BNZ told me had the woman hassled her bank something could of been done, however since she was told that they were not responsible from the get go, and that of course $55 went out of her account. She did nothing. Eventually, and very strangely, the BNZ decided due to the amount of calls I made to them and the range of information given some which was wrong (?) that they refunded $55 worth of fees to me. So in around bout ways paid. I did make a formal complaint again to the ANZ saying its not full proof. I dont recommend it. Turns out when I shifted to Auckland the week before, my mouse to my Mac wires came out. I have been using another mouse. Its doing weird things with numbers. So thats all it takes to mess up something. My advice. Stick to verified banking like Direct Deposit, PayPal, Eftpos. I wont be using it.

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