Amaysim Hand-Cutting iPhone 5 Nano SIMs

One of the minor annoyances of the iPhone 5 is that is uses the nano SIM format, and replacement SIMs are in short supply if you're not buying on contract through a major telco. Amaysim has confirmed it won't have its own branded nano SIMs until November, but the MVNO is offering to hand-cut replacement nano SIMs for any existing customers who have purchased an iPhone 5 outright.

The offer is detailed on Amaysim's blog. It only applies to current customers, but there's no charge, and the SIM will be sent by Express Post. You can also try cutting your own SIM to fit, but I must admit, I'd rather the phone company took the risk!

Amaysim Blog


    This makes me like Amaysim. They didn't just throw their hands up and say "Oh, the mean telco won't give us any"
    It seems that you need to sand the SIM card a little, and I wonder if this will have any impact on the longevity/durability of these homebrew Nanosims..Frequent SIM swappers may want to wait for the factory-delivered version.

      It certainly is gutsy. Especially since the new Nano-Sims do not just have different dimensions, but they are also Thinner! There is a guide on 'how to sand yours down' on LH, but I very much doubt that amaysim know that.

    This is really the fault of the resellers. If they got on board earlier they'd already have nanoSIMs ready to rock.

      doubt it. I think the major carriers would have kept quiet on the nanosim. Only the iphone uses them, and that was kept well under wraps. Its the fault of the carriers who are responsible to the MVNOs to ensure they have enough stock.

        another hand up for this comp -just wonder why people still pay $100 for phone plans!!!

    AFAIK Amaysim is using Optus 3G network. The question is does the iphone 5 user in Amaysim has access to Optus 4G LTE network?

    Same as Simon will amaysim get lte

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