All That Gross Bacteria On Your Toothbrush And Pillowcase Isn't A Big Deal

You know how everything is killing you? It's not. You've likely heard claims about gross (and possibly dangerous) bacteria invading your body when you flush the toilet, wash your pillowcase irregularly, or just go near a kitchen sink. Even if they're true, they're nothing to worry about.

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Fitness Magazine looked at a number of germ and bacteria myths, only to conclude that few (if any) really have any major impact on your life. For example, consider the commonly held belief that your toilet sprays your toothbrush with bacteria every time you flush it. This is true, but it's not as gross and dangerous as it might sound:

Microorganisms are ejected when you flush the toilet and land all over the bathroom, even if you close the lid, according to research by Gerba. But you probably won't get sick from this. "When the toothbrush dries, most of the organisms will die anyway," says Gerba. Just keep your toothbrush as far away from the toilet as possible, or put it in the medicine cabinet, he says. If someone in the house is ill and using the same bathroom as you are, her germs could be spread this way.

Basically, don't flush your toilet right before you brush your teeth. Wash your toothbrush before you use it. These are things you probably do already. The full post over at Fitness Magazine runs down several bacteria- and germ-related myths, whether they're true or not, and what you should do about them. In most cases, you just have to use common sense and stop worrying that everything is going to kill you.

Germ and Bacteria Hot-Spots: 12 Things You Should Know [Fitness Magazines via Reddit]


    E-Coli dry or not! is definitely NOT something you want on your toothbrush. Chances are it's not dry anyway, either way, better hygiene when it comes to 'shit' is a good thing...!

    Mythbusters did an experiment on this and they said that basically, it's all good but seriously STAY AWAY

      ...from the kitchen sponge.
      This post was obviously brought to you by @Horse_ebooks? Wierd...

    It's always laughable when some "survey" or "study" comes out telling us all these dangerous things that exist in our everyday lives how many people suddenly panic and want to change everything. The point is, you've been living with it for your whole lives, if you haven't been constantly suffering from some previously unknown condition, chances are your body is fine with whatever it is that is filling your environment. People need to get less reactionary to things. Also when it comes to hygiene, there are plenty of people who would tell you that using those 99.9% germ killing cleaners will do more harm than good as the human body needs certain germs and creating a nearly 0 germ living environment also is not going to help your immune system. If it hasn't killed you yet it (probably) won't kill you now.

    From experience I would suggest to bleach your pillowcase weekly. I almost lost my sight due to this. Your hands and face can and do carry germ that can destroy your sight, not to mention assisting the mites that live in your eyelashes demedox.

    You should burn your pillowcase periodically, just in case. Probably, to be safe, with your head on it.

    I've been scrolling up and down for the past 5 minutes!

      it only works with windows 7 and a mouse scroll wheel...

    "Wash your toothbrush before you use it" to me that's like saying "Wash the soap before you use it"

    Dunno about everyone else but I put toothpaste on my toothbrush to clean my teeth. The box for the toothpaste tells me it kills all kinds of bacteria and stuff and leaves my breath all minty fresh. So if I was to flush the toilet just before brushing my teeth, would not the toothpaste kill off any germs or bacteria that got on it?

      I think he means more like just run it under some running water. Kind of like when you're boiling potatoes. You drop one and it gets some dust on it, only a little. It would be fine after 20+ minutes of extreme boiling water but I would still rinse it before boiling it personally.

    If you're not constantly sick then it's obviously not making you sick.

    Besides, if you ever want to travel, you're better of having regular low level exposure.

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