Adobe Still Overcharging Australians

Despite being the poster child for overcharging Australians for digital goods, Adobe doesn't appear to have any intention of changing its behaviour. It has just released version 11 of its Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements consumer photo and video editing suites, and both have a hefty 'Australia tax' built right in.

Each package costs $144.38 on its own for a boxed copy, or you can buy them together for $219. If you choose to go download only, then the individual titles cost $131.25 while the bundle of both costs $199. For downloads, GST isn't included or charged.

How does that compare to the US? The bundle of both titles is $US149.99, so we're paying an additional 33 per cent simpy for being Australian. Even if you assume state taxes might have to be paid in some US locations, we come out way behind.

The pattern is similar with the individual titles, which are $US99.99 each. That's not the most extreme version of the Australia tax we've seen, but it's still hard to see any justification for it.


    I would also download a car...

    Just sayin'

      I heard a stand up routine to do with that anti piracy campaign. It went along the lines of You wouldn't steal a car, but if your friend came up to you and said "Hey, do you want me to burn you a copy of this car" you totally would

    they're using the currency exchange at the airport

    Same old same old. Just pay the US$ prices.

      usually they have region blocking enabled or use the location of your credit card provider to prevent you from doing just that.

      Personally adobe products are way overpriced, so much so very few individual customers can afford it therefore they rely entirely on companies large pockets to make money. To me this way of doing business especially on digital goods doesn't last as cheaper alternatives will enter a growing market very quickly.

      It is quite astonishing adobe has lasted this long charging what they do. Maybe that is because of their target market (businesses) are slow to adopt new / change technology.

      As an individual your choices are pretty much pirate adobe software or use an alternative, Adobe must realize to get users familiar with their products so it still is the software of choice for a business that they must embrace piracy. That is why you don't see Adobe sending out pay up or get sued letters.

      This methodology is evident with Microsoft in emerging markets like china, where piracy is rampant and Microsoft embraces the culture as to familiarize consumers with their products then at work where software is purchased Microsoft is the first option.


        You think this supposed region blocking is difficult to defeat?

        If so, the other option is to simply have someone in the US purchase it on your behalf.

        Really not difficult.

          You're still breaking the license agreement doing it that way. If you have a read of it, it says it's for specific regions.

    Are you able to buy the US version? Or is it location based?

      You cant get the US version if you live in Australia. If we could, then there wouldn't be so much controversy about it all.

        Not entirely true. You just can't get it through Adobe.

        Legit US resellers like ToolFarm will even sell you legit downloads for upgrades - the last time I checked, CS won't even throw a fit if you start with an Aussie serial number and upgrade using a US purchased one.

          But why take the risk when you can get it... in other more reliable ways. And that right there is the problem. When piracy is the safest most reliable way to attain something outside of being blatantly relentlessly gouged, your business is doing something very wrong. I'm personally glad I just don't have to use any Adobe products right now that I'm even supposed to pay for, because for all I abhor piracy, this is one hell of a tough sell.

            Yeah, but I'm using it professionally so I prefer to pay for it - but I won't *overpay* if I can avoid it.

        You can easily purchase it from Adobe from Australia.

          But not at U.S. prices, which is the topic under discussion.

    I think if you do via Ebay and Paypal it works out to pay $US if you get a good re-seller.
    Back when I payed for Master Collection CS5, it worked out about $2100 AU
    compared to the whopping $4300 AU we have to pay here.

    Check out the difference on a larger scale if you want to buy the CS6 Master Collection. US$2599 or download into Australia A$3949 ex GST. Even paying freight on a package wouldn't add up to A$1400, which is the difference. They usually get away with telling the ACCC it is the cost of localisation (or localization if in USA). . . ridiculous !!

    The greatest Australia Tax is still in games. PSN, Xbox Live ans Steam games are still about 50% more expensive. Gods and Kings for Civ 5 was $50 on Steam, got it from a UK website for $20, all digital. Such a joke

    Not me, every piece of Adobe Photosop software i've ever bought I did with a mates student card.

      you might as well have pirated it and paid nothing, because that's still illegal.

    To rub salt in the wound, Adobe has disabled some functionality for non-US customers. The export widgets for Adobe Bridge to Flickr, Picasa, Facebook etc, only work in US versions.

    So are we able to purchase a non Australian version (US Version) through a third party website and install it here paying the US price?

      yes you can. The software isn't region locked. Just the ability to buy it through Adobe at U.S price is.

    If you think this is bad, look at the price differential for their online file delivery service. In USA $19.99 per year, in Australia $238.00 per year. Close enough to 1200% difference.

    I was so annoyed I have made my business an Adobe product free zone

    So it actually STILL turns out cheaper to buy a return ticket to the states, getting your
    Adobe gear there and flying back? F^&king ridiculous!!!

    The only Adobe product worth anything is Photoshop. Dreamweaver is a steaming pile of turd (that's not much better than Frontpage), Flash/Flex builder are irrelevant, Fireworks... well lets not even go there. There are plenty of free/cheaper alternatives that do a better job (Sublime Text 2, Pixelmator, FlashDevelop, etc etc)

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