Add Sriracha To Your Favourite Brining Recipe For An Instant Flavour Boost

Brining is one of the best things you can do to cook juicier, more flavourful meats. For extra punch, consider adding a spoonful of Sriracha to that salt solution.

There are several ways you can create a brine for poultry, fish, meats, and and even beans, from the simple salt-and-water solution to more advanced brine recipes. If you like your food spicy or tangy, Bon Appetit suggests mixing in a bit of Sriracha hot sauce. It shouldn't add too much of a kick but would impart some of that unmistakable Sriracha flavour to your dishes.

If you just can't get enough of this chilli sauce, Bon Appetit has 24 other ways to use Sriracha as a secret ingredient in your food.

25 Ways to Use Sriracha [Bon Appetit]


    What is Sriracha?

      A spicy chilli sauce.

    Sriracha is ok as a condiment. There are much better chilli sauces around.

      You know not of which you speak...

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