A Glimpse Inside Apple's Staff Cafeteria

Apple is notoriously secretive when it comes to its workplace, but also highly regarded as an employer, so we'll take any look we can get. The staff cafeteria at Cupertino HQ reminds me of nothing so much as IKEA. Note the iPad-based registers, which appear to use the Australian-developed Wallee pivot stand.


    What, the food isn't free? With the cash holdings they have and the insane profit margins, they can't provide their own staff with lunch! Bloody cheap buggers.

      This isn't any food, here! You could get a crappy Four 'n' Twenty pie from 7/11 and munch on that, or you could spend a little more money for the awesome quality iPies. They're gourmet, made daily and are totally worth the extra money.

      I haven't been there so I have no idea whether food is actually free or not.

      But to play devil's advocate, those checkouts could be used to scan staff cards for recording purposes. The food can still be free.

        Looks like they have receipt printers and cash drawers

      As a guess it could be for inventory.

      Staff members grab the food they want, scan it at the iRegister and go on their way. Then the people in charge of ordering can get a simple view of what's been consumed and what they are low on. It could also serve to show popular and unpopular items as well as staff eating habits and assist the cafeteria workers to creating a better menu with food and food types that the staff actually want.

    What's the Foxconn cafeteria like?

      Dont be silly they dont let thier workers eat.

      that's exactly what i was thinking.

    Looks almost exactly like the cafeteria at my local IKEA.

    I wonder what they serve for desert.....Googles cafeteria probably have that one covered quite well.

    Let's not forget magical, the perfect marriage of pastry and filling AND are unlike anything served before

      Denmark had better watch itself, if you're right about the pastries - a lawsuit may be on the way.

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