7-Eleven BYO Cup Day Is Tomorrow: Prepare Your Enormous Vessels

Yes, the day is almost here. Nutritional concerns fly out the window and your deep inner craving for iced sugary drinks at a bargain price takes hold. Wednesday September 5 is BYO Cup Day at 7-Eleven. Slurpee frenzy!

The rules are simple: any clean, leak-proof container with dimensions of no more than 23cm by 26cm (depth isn't an issue) is valid. You can't get more than one serve for your $2.90. If you're working tomorrow, don't forget to pack a container before you head to the office.



    Prepare to wait in line!!! Last year was INSANE!!

      just went to the new one in Kincumber NSW... nobody there.. i got about 45 litres of slurpee... had about 2 litres already.....

    Didnt know about this one.
    Only knew of Happy 7-11 day.

    I think excitement over this says something very profound about the nature of people and society.

      That people like you are condescending wankers?

    Brain-freeze and diabetes. What a sad combination.

    wait.. depth isn't an issue? So does that mean I can bring my yard glass with me?

      Yep it can be 10m deep if you can carry it in.

    how big are your cups

    sorry did'nt see measurment

    Silly question, but do 7/11 sell any Slurpees made with artificial sweeteners?


    Apparently you can use a yard glass according to http://www.slurpee.com.au/promo

    Last year me and my friends found a couple of weird shaped kegs within the dimensions, but about a metre deep each. Filled the lot up, and then went home home and split it up into smaller containers. Bought a bunch of plastic cups and then went out into the streets and handed out free slushees to people. Best fun I've had in a good while.

    I don't understand why this is good - is it cheaper than normal or something?

    I thought frozen cokes were only like $2 or something?

      Are you dense ? You can walk out of the store with as much slurpee as you can carry in one container for 3 bucks.

    Does it go all day?

    Umm how many liters can it be??

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