1Tap Eraser Clears Cache Files From Your Android Phone Automatically

Android: Is your phone feeling sluggish? It could be bogged down by cache files from uninstalled apps or call history information. 1Tap Eraser can clean it up and give you back some of the storage and speed that seems to have disappeared.

1Tap Eraser can clean your phone manually, on demand or at scheduled times without disturbing you. The app can clear out cache files, call history, SMS and MMS messages, search history and browser history. If you have a few items you don't want deleted, you can add them to a whitelist that the app won't touch.

If it's not storage or speed you're looking for, 1Tap Eraser's automatic cleaning can offer you a little privacy in case your phone is lost, stolen or given away. It's free and available now at Google Play.

1Tap Eraser [Google Play via Addictive Tips]


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