XBMC Nightly Builds Available For Adventurous Android Users

XBMC Nightly Builds Available For Adventurous Android Users

Android: XBMC was announced for Android back in July, with the caveat that the software would not be available in the Google Play store until it was stable across a wide range of devices. If you don’t mind doing a little tinkering with your Android device, nightly builds are now available in the XDA Developers forums.

Currently, support is limited to a handful of devices, and the builds do still have issues that might keep XBMC from running smoothly. You’ll also need to have at least Gingerbread on your Android device to get XBMC working.

Unless you’re really adventurous you might want to hold off until the official release, but if you’ve been itching to try out XBMC on your Android phone or tablet, you can give it a shot now. Head over to the XDA Developers forums for a complete compatibility list, and links to the downloads.

XBMC For Android Nightlies [XDA Developers via Neowin]


    • Can’t help it if the writers here are stupid. Things I find adventurous are things like accessing NVFlash on the TF201 and installing Ubuntu (real ubuntu install, not the VNC into it version).

  • Looks very cool!

    But as Corey said (with better spelling 🙂 ), where is the adventurous point? Even If it full locks, Android users (not like iPhone) have the option to just pull the battery out or hit the reset switch with a pin.

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