Would You Use Facebook's 'Expecting A Baby' Timeline Feature?

Facebook has introduced an 'Expecting The Baby' option as a life event, allowing you to add what is undoubtedly an exciting future development to your Timeline. I can imagine expectant parents rushing to use this, but as with most things Facebook, a little caution is advised.

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For starters, placing the event on your Timeline makes it a little easier for smart-arse friends to check out what you were doing nine months before the due date. Not such a good look if you've posted drunken party pictures for that date. (This is a reminder of a more important general principle: drunken party pictures on Facebook are often not a good idea.)

That's my initial take. What do you think? Tell us in the comments. (If you're already drowning in Facebook baby pictures, check out Unbaby.me.)



    I would use a 'I love you, and I'm glad you recently had a baby, but I really don't care about your hundred updates a day about that baby and its bodily functions' feature.

    How about also being bombarded with Maternity advertising through using this new 'feature' ?

      That was my frist thought :)

    This would be OK if all goes well with the pregnancy...

    Pretty sure you're going to tell friends you're expecting a baby anyway, facebook or no facebook. They're definitely going to know when you push the thing out. What difference does it make to stalk-a-bility if facebook has a specific feature or not?

    A little dark, but awkward timeline addition if you miscarry.

      This was my thought too. Or if you decided to abort later on...

    I am having a baby, and there is no way I'd add that information to FaceBook! I get enough pregnancy/baby/weightloss/cosmetic surgery ads on FB as it is, without them knowing about the baby!

    Besides, there's far too much overshare on FB as it is, particularly about pregnancy and babies. I've made one reference to us being pregnant, which was through a photograph of new shoes for our kids - with three pairs, two large for our older kids, and a tiny pair for the new arrival.

    No scans/peed-on sticks etc.

    I doubt I'll even put a picture of the baby on FB when they're born - we have a password-protected blog for friends and family (mostly the overseas ones) to share the journey and to post baby pics when baby arrives.

    I think that all of this data about our lives that we upload to Facebook is worrying. We are looking at starting a family soon and the last thing I would want is my baby to have an online profile from conception right the way through his/her life. Its just too personal in my opinion. Gone were the days where FB was used to socialise and share pictures. It now seams to be an information gathering excersise.

    I don't mind this at all (and we are expecting a baby). We posted after the successful ultrasound that we were expecting . Granted, both me and my wife only friend close friends and family, so it's all people I want to know anyway. Would certainly be a different situation if you added everyone you ever met as some do, but we use Facebook more like Path.

    The whole Facebook thing really surprises me.
    The whole world doesn't really care about you, so I do not see the attraction with sharing so much about myself with people who aren't "actual" friends.

    Facebook needs to die, and the world will be a better place.

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