Wolfram Alpha's Facebook Report Analyses Every Dark Corner Of Your Facebook Activity

Wolfram Alpha, the intelligent, computational search engine, has just launched a new tool that breaks down your Facebook activity into numerous charts and graphs. If nothing else, it's an eye-opening reminder of everything Facebook knows about you.

All you need to do is head to Wolfram Alpha's home page and type in "Facebook Report". After connecting it to your Facebook and granting it a rather large number of permissions, Wolfram Alpha will break down everything about your Facebook activity into 60 different sections of charts, graphs, and other analyses — such as a cluster map of your friends and relationships, everywhere you've checked in, what days you're most active on the site, a cloud of your most-used words, and even the weather from the day you were born. It's incredibly interesting, super-geeky, and downright scary.

Wolfram seems to be getting hit rather hard right now, so it's moving slowly. Click here to give it a shot, but if it isn't working for you, try again later on. Hit the link to read more about the new service.

Wolfram|Alpha Personal Analytics for Facebook [Wolfram Alpha Blog via The Verge]


    Ha - And all you have to do to see what Facebook already knows about you, is give access to ALL of this data to yet another company!

      If people have a problem with it then don't use it. When I use facebook I'm voluntarily allowing them access to whatever I post up.

        That's why I only ever post up pictures of cats and badly-spelled inane comments, just to keep them guessing.

    eh.. facebook is so janky and broken today

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