Windows 8 Now Available On DreamSpark

If you're a student and your university or school takes part in Microsoft's DreamSpark scheme offering free software to students, you're in luck. The RTM version of Windows 8 is now available through DreamSpark, which gives you a chance to try it well ahead of the official October 26 release.

This is the Pro version, not the 90-day trial of the enterprise version we mentioned last month. Access to DreamSpark varies by campus (it's sometimes restricted to IT or engineering students), so you'll need to check what arrangements your institution has.

DreamSpark [via OzBargain]


    Just logged in to DreamSpark but could not find the download?

    Would anyone have a direct link?

      Just realised you actually need a PAID DreamSpark subscription. Not just an account. Damn...

    Thanks for the tip! I logged in and I now have it downloading. along with Visual Studio 2012 Pro which I have been keen on getting.

    Yea guys, I think you need to clarify this article slightly.

    You need "Dreamspark Premium" to be able to get Windows 8 (and Dreamspark Premium is either something you have to pay for, or something the University pays for to get their IT & Engineering students access to software such as Windows 8). This program used to be called MSDNAA.

    Dreamspark (without the word Premium) is a service which offers a subset of what's available on Dreamspark Premium and that's available to anybody with a valid @edu address, who is currently a student.

    I know I had an account which I used to get Visual Studio Pro last year, but it doesn't even recognize my email address now. That's annoying.

    DAMMIT - no longer a student, so can long download win 7 etc.

    it has started downloading by its own download manager but its too slow. Can i download it using a torrent ???

    The Pro version has been available since the 16th. Well it was for me anyway, I've had it installed and activated legally and legitimately since then.

    Hi guys,

    It is available on DreamSpark - you need to register an account (E.g log in with your student email, not your Hotmail). It's a bit hard to find, but visit, click on the third tab . More Software Through Your School, search for your education department and click view web store. However, my Uni requires you to be on campus to download :(

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