Where Do You Charge Your Smartphone?

Where Do You Charge Your Smartphone?

Whatever your preferred smartphone platform, daily recharging is going to be part of your routine. But where’s the best place to charge your phone and when do you do it?

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I started reflecting on this issue after seeing Uniden’s Bluetooth Cordless Phone, which includes a USB port in its base station where you can connect your phone to charge. You can also set up the base station to redirect mobile calls to your home phone, which can be very useful if your home has mobile signal dead spots. Under those circumstances, leaving your phone in place to charge makes sense. But it’s only one possible solution.

At home, I have a dedicated phone charger plugged in and I connect my phone before going to sleep each night. It also serves to recharge my tablet or Wi-Fi hotspot when needed. On the road, where my phone doubles as an alarm clock, I hope for a hotel room with a power outlet near the bed. That’s common in larger hotels, but more of a challenge at Formule1.

Several of my colleagues charge from their computers via USB during the day. Other people pop their phone onto a dock as soon as they return home. What’s your charging strategy, and why does it work for you? Tell us in the comments.


  • My phone and tablet live in my satchel most of their lives, so I have chargers both at home and work to compensate for my utter inability to regularly recharge either device.

  • Anywhere there’s a power point that I’m going to stay near.

    At work I use a usb port from the in monitor hubs I have connected for my phone and my one USB3 port on my laptop or a socket charger for my ipad. At home I have chargers next to my bed and next to my laptop in the living room. The ipad battery life isn’t bad – but my HTC smart phone battery life plumets through the floor if I use it for anything more than texting. Playing games in particular slaughters the battery. I usually carry a battery charge pack as well for long trips and a car charger if I’m driving.

  • I have a powerpoint charger on the kitchen bench that I use on the weekend and one in the bedroom that I use to charge/power overnight as I use my Galaxy S3 as my alarm clock. I also have the Samsung supplied charger I have on my desk in the office or throw in my laptop bag when I’m on the road or in a hotel. A plus is that the chargers also charge my Kindle as well.

  • I have a USB on my desk at work and I leave it plugged in all day.
    Also a charge spot next to my bed.
    And on days off, a USB charger at my PC desk

  • I put mine in a dock thing when it needs charging, it’s got some speakers that switch on automatically so I can hear if I get a message or whatever from anywhere in the house.

  • I have two 240 volt wall sockets with a usb socket built into one side, one by my bedside another on my kitchen bench-top, Does away with the wall wart power adapters.

  • I think I have a freakishly good battery in my Iphone, I easily get 2-3 days charge out of it so just recharge at my desk a few times a week and then never have to worry about it.

  • I have a powerpoint at my desk at work, I use that. Also have a power charger at home. Phone usually lasts a day and a half (if 100% on Friday Night it usually lasts until Monday) so can alternate locations based on where I am when the battery is low

  • I used to directly solar charge mine.

    Now just Solar charge my small car battery. Charge my phone on that on my desk at home every fourth day.

    Off the grid!lol

  • Phone and Bluetooth headphones charge off my Xbox every third day, tablet charges next to the bed overnight so it can be used for in bed streaming and alarm clock.

  • I don’t like charging my battery overnight, even though Android has good battery management, so I just charge it at night and when it’s at 100%, I’ll unplug it. Or if I have a late start (uni or work), I’ll do it in the morning before I leave. I know pretty well how long my phone will last so I don’t need to be worried about it being 100% all the time.

  • Whenever I’m home, all of my main devices sit in my charging station connected to my computer syncing and charging. I never remove these usb cables from my room. While sleeping, I have a separate wall charger at my side table for my phone. This charger is what I’ll take with me when I go away, along with other wall chargers I have packed away.

  • I have an Iphone and an Ipod Classic but I only have one USB cord. So what I usually do is that I charge my iPod as soon as I get home and charge my phone when I go to bed since people my text or call me. It is also very convinient since the power outlet is under the table which is right next to my bed, so I can reach over at any time.

  • I have a dock next to my bed where my phone gets plugged, I also have another one at my computer desk.

    I don’t have an assigned desk at work (emergency services) so I normally just plug in a cable at the computer I’m on and make sure I take it at the end (and hide it) so it doesn’t get nicked. The dock in my car also charges my phone if need be, sometimes ill finish work and it will be on less than 10% so this can be a god send!

    Since IOS started using wireless syncing I’ve been plugging my phone directing into my computer less and less.

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