What Your Daily Coffee Costs Around Australia

What Your Daily Coffee Costs Around Australia

Buying a coffee on the way to work is a fixed part of the daily ritual for many of us. It turns out that you’ll pay a lot more living in WA or Queensland than elsewhere.

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A survey of capital city coffee prices by coffee machine maker Gilkatho identifies Perth as the most expensive place to buy a takeaway cappuccino, with Sydney the cheapest. Prices have gone up 4.2 per cent since the same study was conducted last year; the national average price is $3.47. Here are the figures:

Sydney $3.28
Melbourne $3.36
Canberra $3.38
Adelaide $3.44
Brisbane $3.47
Perth $3.87

Whatever the price and the potential side-effects, it seems we’re still keen on coffee; Australians spend $1 billion a year on it, according to research firm IBISWorld. That figure includes home coffee makers as well, which is one obvious way to cut your spending. According to Gilkatho, the constituent ingredients of a coffee don’t cost more than 35 cents, so you’re paying a lot for a skilled barista (or to live in Perth).



  • In Nth Syd, $3.00 gets you a reg, +$0.50 for an extra shot. With a loyalty card (I get the 10th one free) this brings my daily skim flat with an extra shot to (average) $3.15. When working from home, I go the French press, all else is folly.

  • My Nespresso pod is about 80c per day, bought a 2nd hand Nespresso, $250, so that’s about $1.48c a day plus lets say electricity and water, perhaps under $2 a coffee 🙂

    Plus I get free expresso coffee at work, some people still buy coffee at work when we get it for free, no idea why, sure it might takes good, but @ $3 a coffee thats $1,095 per 365 days,.

    • agree, every time I’m in Perth I’m amazed by the price of coffee, I’m prepared to pay $4.50 for a regular coffee. It is very rare that I’d pay $4.50 in Melbourne

      • I live in Perth. Its not just the Cost which is high its the bloody quality which is LOW…..

        I have paid $5 for a coffee ( takeaway). and it was so hot it ripped the skin off my mouth)

        Perth Coffee worst coffee in AUST

          • ….low down, standing room only, cafe 54 and the coffee shop in the parmeilia hotel is pretty competent as well. There are a couple in northbridge which are quite good also, but I’m not in the country right now and their names escape me.

            Most are above the average though. But hey, our average wage is higher as well.

          • You forgot Bench, Epic, Elixir, and pretty much any cafe using 5 senses beans. They always seem to take their coffee seriously.

          • Epic is good. I just moved home to Perth from Melbourne and I’m really noticing the quality in coffee… And the cost!

      • If you hit up His Majestey’s coffee stand outside the theater pre 7am you can get a $2 coffee. Unheard of elsewhere where you’d generally pay around the $4.50 mark.

  • At-home coffee or bring your on machine to work:
    Premium green coffee beans: $16.00/kg 80+ cups per kg. = $0.20/cup
    Roasting cost: approx: $.50 (gas) $0.006/cup
    Amortised cost of espresso machine: $200.00 (2nd hand), expected life: 4 years, $0.13/day/5 cups/day=$.026/cup
    Electricity (estimated) $0.02/cup
    TOTAL: $0.20+$0.006+$0.026+$0.02 = $0.252/cup
    e.g. 25c/cup!

  • We pay $2 at the canteen at work for a barista-made coffee, even with extras, and we get every 10th one free. They even have a trolley on my floor from 7:30 to 10:30, so I don’t have to climb 4 flights of stairs to get one.

  • Newy trumps them all (bar possibly Perth), the joys of living in a mining boom… You’ll be lucky to get a single shot coffee around Newy for less than $3.50 and most will hit you up for $4… double shots start around $4 and head upwards… most around $4.50.

    The worst part is, while some coffee houses brew excellent “own” blend coffee and you would be happy to pay $4.50 for, every other shitty place thinks their mud should cost that too…

  • My wife and I buy at least one coffee each a day – this makes the Coffee Club VIP membership of $25 for a year of buy one get one free coffee a very good deal. You can use the card twice a day, so at work you can do the coffee run for 4 people and only pay for 2 (pocketing the money optional)

  • I read an article like this in one of the newspapers and according to it the actual cost of ingredients for coffee shops is around 35c.

    In the same ballpark as Ex-virgin , congratulations btw

  • Sounds about right for Melbourne, I tend to pay between $3.50-$4.00 for a large coffee. Tends to be more consistent that I can get with my cheapo espresso machine (although grinding my own beans helps there).

  • Sydney city? Where are you buying your coffee, was paying $2.50 a couple months ago until the price rise to $2.80. We have a pod machine at work, I still rather have a fresh bean with properly stretched milk.

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