What Manscaping Does For Your Health

Ahem. If you want to trim or remove your pubic hair, that's up to you. There are even some potential health benefits — but there are also risks.

Picture by Ruthanne Reid

Writing at The Conversation, University of Sydney lecturers Spring Chenoa Cooper Robbins and Anthony Santella outline the key health benefits and risks of pubic hair removal. The big upside? There are reduced rates of pubic lice as hair removal becomes more common. (You can cringe now.) The downside is that the methods of hair removal also present health risks, particularly if you choose a salon for waxing or shaving that doesn't follow best practice for minimising the risk of infection. (You can cringe again now if you like.)

The post also discusses some common hair removal myths, including the widespread but fake belief that any method is truly permanent. Hit the link to learn more.

Bare necessity? Public health implications of removing pubic hair [The Conversation]


    Spring Chenoa Cooper Robbins? You can't help what name you were given, but doesn't sound like the sort of name that might advocate hair removal...

    (The words: Peace, Love and dare I say it .... FUZZ come to mind....) ... very sixties.

      I think there might be a comma missing... "Spring Chenoa, Chopper Robbins and Anthony Santella" perhaps?


    She really exists: http://theconversation.edu.au/profiles/spring-chenoa-cooper-robbins-4582

      If I was called 'spring robbins' , I'd probably also choose to throw a few unnecessary middle names in. It's all or nothing.

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