What Foods Can't You Stand Eating?

Once food dislikes lodge themselves in our brains, they can be difficult to dismiss. What foods have stayed on your hate list?

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A post at the Guardian examines a list of the most widely disliked foods in the UK, and comes to the conclusion that texture is the most significant factor. I wouldn't dispute that the slimy nature of snails, oysters and tripe helps explain their presence on the list, but not all food dislikes are based purely on mouth feel.

Personally, I can't stand prawns — both the texture and smell put me off. I'm OK with just about any other kind of seafood, but prawns are a no-go. Many people find this weird. At work events, where they appear with distressing regularity, I'll sometimes claim an allergy rather than explaining I dislike them. (Claiming to be a vegetarian would also be an option, but will become obviously untrue as soon as the first burger sliders appear.)

What food can't you stand? Tell us what turns off your taste buds in the comments.

Britain's most hated foods: texture trouble [The Guardian]


    True. It is all in the texture. I can't eat anything that resembles slimy snot.

    Smell for me, fresh boiled Broad beans will literally make me throw up and the taste is disgusting. Also hate turnips and peas but that's just me being fussy.

    Vegemite and tomato sauce. Hey! I'm a bad Australian, so what?

      But, what do you have on your pie..?

        BBQ sauce!!

    For me its smell, and top of that list is vegemite. I feel like vomiting if I'm in the same room as it.

    Raw tomato. Tomato in stuff, sure. Tomato on its own, nup.

      It's nice to see I'm not alone.

      Same, it's the slimey seed bits I can't deal with. Chopped up as Bruchetta, soup, sauce all fine, but no slime.
      That and I can't stand the smell of cooked Rabbit.

        I'm similar with tomatoes, I think that the seeds and slime are just that bit extra acidic.

        As for the smell of cooked rabbit, might you be referring to the "gamey" smell and taste? I've always thought it was pretty similar to the smell of fresh cow shit; it's a common aroma/flavour in wild harvested meats (even wild duck), and particularly strong in older male individuals.

        I love hunting, but only if I eat all of what I kill. There is an art to "cooking out" the game flavour as best you can, often synergistic with tenderising as well (game is also tougher than farmed meat). Some good ideas: a long marinade, changing the marinade halfway: this leeches out a lot of the gamey smell and flavour, and what is left is masked by the marinade flavours. Cooking unmarinaded/soaked meat in it's own juices will bring out the game flavour; for example stews, casseroles, soups. Cook over charcoal/fire (hunting/camping is ideal!) with a decent char will give you a meaty flavour without so much gaminess.

        Some people however like the gamey flavour, and it's seen as a rare and exotic flavour component in a modern society of farmed everything. A fancy restaurant can often give gaminess a nod in a dish of wild venison or duck for example, and charge you an arm and a leg for it.

      i'm exactly the same! people call me crazy, and cant understand it, but i cant handle raw tomato. the only exception to this rule is bruschetta! i love that shit!

      haha! nice - same here. cant stand tomatos, but gimme the tomato sauce!

      I LOVE tomato, especially raw. However, if it has the tiniest bit of green around the seeds, I feel like throwing up. And then even if I am given a perfectly good one afterwards, I can't look at one for a few days.

    I have an allergy to uncooked tomato. There was a school of thought that said food intolerances are psychosomatic. I used to regularly eat one dish at a restaurant that had egg plant and tomato (a traditional southern Italian dish). One time, I was eating this particular eggplant/tomato dish and I almost threw up on the spot. I took a pause, took another bite and almost threw up again. It was then that it twigged to me that it was the tomato - not being cooked enough.
    So much for psychosomatic. I guess it's either the acid in the seeds - or maybe some throwback in my genes to the tomato plant being part of the night-shade group... Night-shade contain several highly poisonous varieties.

    certain type of vegetables, i would say based on their textures would make me have a gag reflection for some reason

    Mango and pineapple have been at the top of my list since I can remember.

      You poor bastard. I could eat mango and pineapple all day!

        Disclaimer: Do not attempt to eat pineapple all day. There would be severe acidic consequences.

    Celery. Ick. I'm a fan of most vegetables, but celery tastes weird to me.

    Oh and onions unless it's thoroughly cooked. No idea how people eat raw or semi raw onion.


    The smell and taste of Red Wine... I have tried partaking in it 'properly' with a wine expert, i.e. letting it sit, using a proper wine glass to get the surface area right, etc, but I just can't do it... The stuff is disgusting and the stench is overpowering.

    Can't believe it's not been mentioned as yet - but for me it's brussel sprouts. Not sure it's carried over from childhood, or simply the intensity of the 'flavour', but simply cannot eat them.

      This! I love vegetables, but Brussels sprouts taste incredibly bitter and sulphurous. I'm pretty good at convincing myself that things taste good if they're good for me, but it's just too much to ask for these suckers.

        I used to detest brussel sprouts. Until my fiance opened up some tinned chook (yeah, another first that day). Threw that and the sprouts in the pan, some balsamic vinegar and crushed up cashews.

        Holy crap. I've never wanted brussel sprouts more than I do right now.

      Yup, the mere smell of them makes me gag, I don't think being forced to eat them as a child has helped.

    Prawns for one, don`t like chewing them.Avocado,Asparagus,lamb and pissy little chops, lamb or pork.. not worth the money.

    Brains. Nuff said.

      it's gonna suck for you if you turn into a zombie...

    I love everyone one of these foods mentioned except the offal and not a huge fan of rabbit. Other than that some of my favorite foods that people don't like.

    For me it's mashed pumpkin. Roast pumpkin is great, Pumpkin soup - no problem. But mashed... No thankyou. Again I think it's the texture. Mashed sweet potato is say nicer.

    Plus. How good is Vegemite.

    kidneys and liver as well.

    Egg on it's own. Which is a real shame as it's so good for you.
    I'm ok with it if it's in, say, a quiche if it's not too eggy, but otherwise I feel like I'm going to vomit.
    Any tips on how to possibly overcome this? I really want to like eggs!

      I used to be the same (although not close to vomiting, just a bit sick/off) when I was younger; it wasn't all eggy flavour though, it was only where the egginess was invading or overpowering other flavours, and where there was a bit too much cheese or cream with it; like in a particularly eggy custard or cheesy omelet.
      Don't get the same revulsion now though; maybe my palette just changed over time, maybe I grew used to the flavour by putting up with it? Good luck!

        I think the consistency might be throwing me too (that rubbery feel some eggs have). I might start with scrambled eggs as it has a nicer consistency (and maybe add some strong sauces to take away some of the egg flavour) and go from there. :D


    Spot on with the texture, I absolutely hate mushrooms!

    I've always had a cast iron gut and been able to eat anything. Just recently though I've found Goats cheese is enough to give me a cold sweat immediately after I swallow.

    Capsicum & Cucumber, can't stand the taste of either, also a few of the Asian stir-fry vegetables make me feel ill due to their taste.

    Banana's for me, i have to leave the room if someone is eating one next to me. The smell makes me nearly vomit

    Anchovies. Small salty hairy fish things. Urgh.

      Indeed, i find the over saltiness disgusting when eaten by accident hidden on a pizza

    Mushrooms. I love the smell, I love cooking them but I can't eat them. However this is fine for the Mrs as she loves them.

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