Watch Every Single Episode Of Rage From 1998 To 2012

Watch Every Single Episode Of Rage From 1998 To 2012

This is seriously amazing. It’s a gorgeous web-based player (which also works on mobile) that lets you stream every single episode of the ABC’s iconic music video show RAGE all the way back to 1998.

It’s called Rage Again, and it comes from the mind of Patrick Galbraith, who spent what must have been months trawling the old program listings to and compiling the relevant YouTube tracks to match.

Patrick explains how he put it together on his blog:

Since 1998 RAGE has posted all their episode playlists online. So I created a website that combines these playlists with YouTube allowing you to travel back through time and re-experience RAGE‘s recent history.

Scraping the data (particularly the 90s web pages) wasn’t easy due to broken and inconsistent markup so I have posted a database dump in case anyone else wants to play with the data.

Episodes are ordered beautifully by date and hovering over an episode marked “S” shows you if it’s a special episode, while a tiny dialog box indicates who was the guest programmer.

How long would it take to watch every RAGE episode since 1998 back-to-back? 1 year, 356 days, 17 hours, and 1 minute according to Patrick. That’s 269,938 tracks in case you were wondering.

Standing internet ovation to Patrick for this. [Rage Again via Reddit]

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