Vizify Is A Fresh Take On The Personal Nameplate Site (And We Have Invites)

Personal nameplate sites generally give you a single page where you post a bio, a background image, and some links to your social networks and other sites. Vizify is a new service that wants to turn the personal nameplate site into a truly informative and interactive experience for people who want to learn more about you.

Most personal and professional nameplate sites, like reader favourite, offer a static page or two that walk the line between being elegant and informative. Vizify collects information from your social networks (of your choice) to build your profile automatically, without you having to fill in bios or upload photos. In a matter of moments, the site will build your site, and you can either leave it as-is and walk away, or customise it so more (or less) information is displayed.

When you sign up for Vizify, the service will walk through social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and FourSquare, and ask to connect to them. You can connect or skip any of them if you choose, but when I built my Vizify site I found that while the site pulls in a lot of information, most of it isn't anything you would keep secret from a potential employer. When you've finished connecting networks, the site builds your page for you and lets you preview it and edit any details you'd like to change. When you're finished, you can take your custom Vizify URL and share it with friends or potential employers.

Vizify is in public beta, and you can sign up for an invite right now — invites usually take a few days to arrive, but we've worked with the Vizify team to get 3,000 invites for Lifehacker readers who want to give the service a try right now. Just hit the link below and use the invite code LIFEHACKER to sign up and get started. When you're finished, let us know whether you think Vizify stands a chance against other nameplate sites already available in the comments below.



    Awesome - until of course you render in IE.

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