Use Tomato Sauce Packets As Mini Ice Packs

The next time you find yourself with spare packets of tomato sauce from McDonald's, put them in the freezer rather than throwing them away. The single-serve packets make perfect little ice packs for small injuries.

This tip from household weblog Stuckihouse would be most handy for parents. My nine-year-old tends to need Band-Aids as a comfort item, even if the boo-boo is nothing more than a tiny scratch. If he "needs" an ice pack, it's no big deal to pull a frozen tomato sauce packet out of the freezer. So now, in our household, the grownups use the frozen peas and disposable nappies, while the kids get their own little ice packs for bumps and scrapes.

Do you have a similar trick in your home? Or is a proper ice pack a must-have in your first-aid kit? Let us know in the comments.

I need a ketchup [Stuckihouse]


    What menu items do tomato sauce packets come with at McDonalds?

      You have to ask for the tomato sauce for them to give it to you in Australia. They hand them with the chips in some other countries.

    Probably would work well even with the Masterfood's Tomato Sauce popular in Fish n Chip Shops.

    nuggets? or just ask for packets.

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