Use A Water Bottle To Separate Eggs Without The Mess

Separating egg yolks and egg whites is a messy affair. Whether you use the side-to-side shell transfer method or some special tool, clean-up is inevitable. This video demonstrates an ingenious way to separate eggs quickly without getting stuff all over the place.

You don't need to know Chinese to see the magic at work. It's almost mind-blowing how easy it is to suck up the egg yolk with a water bottle and transfer it back and forth. Kind of makes you want to separate some eggs right now, doesn't it?

How to Cleverly Separate Egg White and Yolk [YouTube via Reddit]


    That is fantastic!!!! hahaha so simple so so good

    That is great, about 1 minute and 35 seconds longer than it needed to be.

    As soon as I saw her grab that bottle I was like..well I know how she will do this..but WHY DID I NEVER FIGURE IT OUT!?

    This is what lifehacker should be about. Great work.

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