'Uncertainty Is An Uncomfortable Position, But Certainty Is An Absurd One'

This quotation comes French philosopher Voltaire, who understood that you can't ever really know anything. While the unknown may cause you discomfort, if you're so certain that you never question anything, you're bound to run into problems.

Photo by Patrik Jones.

We've discussed the benefits of uncertainty before. It not only keeps you sharp by asking questions, but it also allows for the sorts of surprises that can make life interesting. Knowing the outcome or answer — or believing you do — might seem nice, but it's ultimately not in your best interest. You can never be sure of anything. That may seem frightening, but it can actually be a great source of excitement and discovery.

Uncertainty [Swissmiss]


    I'm not sure if I agree with this philosophy...

    ^ I see what you did there.

    "You can never be sure of anything."
    Therefore, I cannot be sure of that statement.
    Therefore, it is possible that the statement is wrong.
    Therefore, it is possible that you can be sure of everything.
    Most likely, however, it is possible to be sure of some things.
    Nihilism is its own refutation.

    Fuck I hate relativism. Philosophical wanking at its finest.

    Being a perpetually indecisive person, I can assert that uncertainty also kind of sucks. It's definitely not a leadership quality...

    I take a certain/uncertain mix approach to my activities. 9 to 5 job (certainty) + afterhours ventures (extremely uncertain). The potential upside is enormous, even if the probability is slight. One chooses to diversify, mixing in ucertainty as a low cost supliment. This also makes life a little more interesting (for someone with an otherwise mundane existense).

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