Tips From A Baggage Handler On How To Avoid Damage To Your Luggage

Baggage handlers have to pick up and move luggage hundreds of times day. The ones that get treated the most carelessly are those that are heaviest, according to a baggage handler, who offers other tips for keeping your luggage intact.Photo by Nick Ares

Reddit user craigyboy2601 says that "If your bag is over 55lbs (25kg), it's gonna have a bad time." Pack lighter if you can to avoid bags from being thrown to their destruction — or, as we've previously heard from another baggage handler, use four-wheeler suitcases.

If you're travelling with your partner, it's also smart to get identical bags that are the same size and colour because:

if you're lucky they will stay together and come off the truck together, not only because the handlers will place them together, because they look the same, but they stack better when they are the same size.

Hit up the link below for more baggage and travelling tips from this luggage pro.

LPT: travelling, baggage tips from a baggage handler [Reddit]


    a four wheel baggage wont do any good if one of the wheels got broken because the handlers decide to play rugby with it

    Handlers of anything seem to be so careless. I've seen a delivery guy kick around cardboard boxes because he didn't want to life whatever was inside.

      Watching Ace Ventura doesn't count.

        TeeHee - yeah but blowing on it makes it better.

    As an ex baggage handler, I can tell you that conveyor belts do more damage than people.
    In the same vein as the travel advice "Pack double the money and half the stuff", I would say get the strongest bag you can afford and compromise on size. It forces you to pack lighter.
    The only baggage items that (mostly) don't get damaged are;
    1. High quality hard equipment cases.
    2. Samsonite hard cases; not the copies either.
    3. High quality oil rigger waterproof bags, though these offer no crush protection.

    Remember, the airlines set the schedules and KPIs. 3 tons off, 3 tons on, 6 guys, 30 minutes: you do the math.

      33kg per man per minute.

      What do I win?


        A long ton gives 33.9kg/min (say 34kg/min) and a short ton gives 30.2kg/min (say 30kg/min).

        I can do the math. Reward enough for me! Hehehe

        BTW my strategy is to pack even less and use a carry on, and if you get tight wear a jacket with big pockets. Saves damage to my stuff and eases back strain for the handlers.

        See for tips from my namesake.

        Soft carry-ons are lighter and better fit in some difficult overhead compartments.

    If you can't do a good job then don't do it. Get another one. Don't damage my stuff!

      Ha.. okay .. you get in a hold where you are on your knees. Stack 100 bags within 15 minutes a majority over 25 kilos and see how careful you are with them love. So how about dont comment if you dnt know shit.

    Another ex baggage handler here. My two cents:
    -Stuff hanging off bags will probably get ripped off (duh). But this also includes annoying cheap wheels and utterly useless plastic guards on cheap suitcases.
    - Square suitcases - as in cases that have straight, even dimensions - are awesome to stack and will cause little fuss as opposed to those stupid weird semi-round elliptical baggage abortions that were put on this earth to make baggage handlers lives hard.
    -Small bags full of squishy clothes are going to be used as filler. They will get stuffed into the cracks where normal bags won't fit.
    - Those suitcases with four wheels that allow them to trundle along behind you as you walk through the airport looking like a smug douche? They don't have brakes and they're usually the first suitcase to fall off the dolly and skid along the ground at high speeds.

    Avoiding pissing off a baggage handler is generally a good idea since they spend a fair bit of unsupervised time with your personal belongings. Things that piss off a baggy include:
    - Sharp hidden objects protruding from your luggage.
    - Broken handles that look fine until you try to use it and tear a ligament when it fails
    - People from the shallow end of the gene pool who tie the handle of their suitcase down with their luggage straps
    -Luggage straps in general - They tend to get caught on everything

    One final tip:

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