The Social Networks You Should Join For A Better Online Reputation

The Social Networks You Should Join For A Better Online Reputation

Your search results can paint a picture of who you are to prospective employers. If those results contain negative items, it can hurt your chances. Online reputation-correcting web app Brand Yourself crunched some numbers and found out which sites did the best job at improving how you appear in Google search results.

Right at the top is LinkedIn, followed by Twitter, Facebook and Zerply. These are the top five sites worth joining if you want to improve your online reputation, according to Brand Yourself. But the numbers also pointed to choices in other types of content. For example, if you’re making a personal blog, WordPress ranked the highest in search results. If you’re posting videos, Vimeo is a better option than YouTube. For photos, Flickr was pretty much the only one that actually showed up.

For more statistics about how the average person ranks in search and what they can do about it. Check out the full infographic below. Also check out our guide to improving your online reputation and Brand Yourself if you want some help with the process.

BrandYourself Infographic [Droplr via Brand Yourself]


  • The alternative would be to carefully ensure you do not feature anywhere in a Google search, thereby being completely in control of the impression your employer forms of you.

      • Put the links in your resume/cover letter to your particular places – blog, LinkedIn, etc. Then give those links to your mates and challenge them to find dirt on you. Buy them a beer or two for every comment that could make an employer insta-kill your application.

    • Having a very common name, or a name of a famous poker player in my case can help this out a lot. Make sure you don’t name your children something distinctive and unique, they will put you in a nursing home in Rwanda for it.

  • Xyranius, I don’t know if this is an advantage or a disadvantage – I have the same issue in that I share my full name with an American actress. If I Google my name, even with only Australian results enabled, I still don’t get a look-in until the second or third page. Most of my results reference competitions/awards I entered or won in high school, so very little content that actually belongs to me or was created by me (rather than just my name on a list) is searchable on Google.

    • I share my name with only one other guy. He lives in scotland.

      We’re about the same age, same height, same build, same complexion, and a lot of people mix up who is who. It probably doesn’t help that we’re friends on facebook, but it sure can be fun.

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