The Piano Desk

The Piano Desk

What do you do with an old, broken piano that is beyond repair? Mrs Amber Apple and her partner Stephen decided against dumping theirs and instead repurposed it into a desk.

The old white piano they got from Craigslist for free was repainted black, outfitted with colour-changing LED lights, and even has an Apple display mounted on the front. Amber says:

If you want to make a piano desk, search for free broken pianos on or yard sales. Take out all of the strings and piano keys (keep the piano keys for a future DIY I’ll be posting!). Then decide what colour you want to paint it! I first painted the piano grey, which looked really nice when I was using it, but I knew my husband would enjoy it better if it was black. After your paint is dry make sure you spray it with a clear coat of acrylic.

Even if this look isn’t your thing, you have to admit it’s a pretty clever repurposing project. Hit up the link below for more photos.

Piano Desk [Mrs. Amber Apple]


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