The New Windows 8 Touch Gestures

Windows 8 is very touch-centric, but which gestures are actually supported? This handy graphic summarises the main new options for Windows 8 on a tablet or touch screen.

Some of these options will seem obvious (moving the mouse with a cursor), and some will seem familiar from touchscreen phones (pinch to zoom). Others will require definite adjustment (swiping from the right to go back to the last app). As with any set of shortcuts, there's always a degree of arbitrariness, but learning them will save you time in the long run.

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    I smell a lawsuit!

      Noob troll is obvious.

        Don't Apple hold the patent for how the human hand interacts with a surface?

          You made me laugh, it feels that way sometimes.
          The only gesture in this article that is really revolutionary to the ipad is the pinch to zoom, and so many products have it now that I would think Microsoft has little to fear of law suit.
          Everything else was either coined in the original Microsoft tablet/laptop hybrids (before the ipad, although with few sales), or new to this OS. At least in regard to the given gestures.

            Not a joke, they do actually own a patent

    You have your lefts and rights mixed up.

    Close. Apple patented fingers in 2003. your tax money? its really royalties going straight to Apple. dont pay = they send their 'touch media interaction technicians' round to your place & forcefully recall the didgits which breach their patient holdings.


      damn reply fail. Was intended to be @Demba Ba

    I can't believe people get so emotional between the Microsoft vs Google vs Apple. Find the one that works best for you. They are all large companies with the same goal of increasing share price and profits. They are all as evil as each other. None of them innovate. All they do is exploit passion, as innovation is a result of passion.

      And most importantly, help me watch videos of cats.

        Well, for a gentleman who enjoys a good cat fix, I would recommend the ad-blocker add on, with specific reference to Cat-Blocker. I've never been happier with my Chrome browsing experience. Every add replaced with a picture of funny cats doing funny cat things.

      So which is it? If "innovation is a result of passion" and they "exploit passion", then surely they actually DO innovate? Win8 certainly seems full of innovation to me and I am sure the devices it spawns, like the Asus Taichi, will confirm this.

      "They are all large companies with the same goal of increasing share price and profits"

      Except that above all of them Apple seems to be the most set on sueing everyone. It's not that they're out for profits, it's that if you pay attention to tech news it seems Apple is the most set on preventing others from creating tech by lodging patents for absurdly specific things.

      I thoroughly agree with the mantra of "find the best for you" though, that's why I dislike companies trying to prevent that occurring.

        People use to talk about Microsoft as they do Apple today. My point is same s$%t different smell.

    While I find most of the gestures intuitive, there needs to be a way to selectively disable them.

    For me the Right Swipe is a huge annoyance. I have one of the new Samsung S9 laptops and the touchpad is slightly offset to the left. This means that I am usually working on the far-right of the touchpad and constantly toggling the charms menu, which then needs a left-click (anywhere) to clear...

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